LUX EX TENEBRIS in Stockholm

May, 1st-4th, Stockholm: performance, video production, and recording of LUX EX TENEBRIS (Instrumental cycle about Goya). [40’ / Guitar & ensemble / 2003-2008 / Breitkopf & Härtel]
After many performances with different ensembles in the last years of the whole cycle in Frankurt, Madrid, Sevilla, Bucharest, The Hague, Utrecht… and many interpretations of the single pieces of the cycle now we are in Stockholm. Many thanks to KammernsembleN, with gitarrist Jacob Kellerman, and conductor Christian Karlsen!
The cycle consists of 8 movements inspired by different engravings from Francisco de Goya y Lucientes (from “Caprichos”, “Desastres de la guerra”, and “Tauromaquias”).
LUX EX TENEBRIS was dedicated to Jürgen Ruck and the Ensemble Modern. They did the worldpremiere, with me as conductor, in 2009.